“Five Factors That Brought A Dying Church Back to Life” Part Two

Yesterday, we began looking at “Five Factors that Brought a Dying Church Back to Life” by J.D. Greear. Today we will look at the last three factors.

Greear writes:

3. Beware of fighting battles that lead you nowhere.

A third lesson is tied to the second. Beware of fighting battles, no matter Continue reading

“Five Factors That Brought A Dying Church Back to Life” Part One

Last week, I posted an article from Thom Rainer on “Seven Deadly Sins of a Dying Church.” I am sure some of you might be able to identify one of the sins on his list as a problem at your church. However, for others the list sounds way too familiar, but regardless of how much trouble your church may be having there is always hope in Jesus.

For the next two days we are going to look at “Five Factors That Brought a Dying Church Back to Life” by J.D. Greear. His story of how Summit Church was brought back to life is a wonderful testimony for all of us.

Greear writes:

The church I pastor, the Summit Church, was planted in 1962. In 2001, however, the Summit Church (then Homestead Heights Baptist Church) was a plateaued, declining Baptist church. The current pastor had been Continue reading