A Jesus Storybook for Teaching Children

One of the greatest challenges as a parent is finding just the right Bible to use in teaching our children about God’s love. Many of the books out there tend to make the Bible sound like a mythical fairytale, while others are nothing but a rule book to follow so God will love you. Sitting down together as a family to study the Bible, discuss the lesson, and then pray together is one of the most important things we can do as… Continue reading

Overcoming Betrayal

No one likes being betrayed. Regardless of whether it is a coworker, friend, family member, or your spouse, the wounds of betrayal cut deep into our heart and soul. Often we allow anger and vengeance to act as the bandages to heal our afflictions. However, this type of treatment always leaves painfully deep, lasting scares. Since we are going to… Continue reading

A Biblical Understanding of Gambling

Throughout the years I have read several articles on why Christians shouldn’t be involved with any form of gambling. However, Dr. Albert Mohler’s article in the Christian Post entitled “When the Accounts Are Called: A Christian Understanding of Gambling” is one of the best I have ever read on the topic. As Christians we have a moral calling to Continue reading

“Growing Old Has Been A Surprise” by Billy Graham

Billy Graham, in his book “Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well” (pp. 1-2, Thomas Nelson), he writes:

Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life. The young live for the here and now. Thinking ahead seems to be in the form of dreams that promise fairy-tale endings. Though I am nearing ninety-three, it doesn’t seem so long ago that I was one of those dreamers, filled with great expectation, planning a life that Continue reading

“The Keeper of the Springs” by Chuck Swindoll

Read Matthew 5:13–14

The late Peter Marshall, an eloquent speaker and for several years  the chaplain of the United States Senate, used to love to tell the story of “The Keeper of the Spring,”¹ a quiet forest dweller who lived high  above an Austrian village along the eastern slopes of the Alps.

The old gentle man had been hired many years earlier by a young town  council to clear away the debris from the Continue reading