Overcoming Betrayal

No one likes being betrayed. Regardless of whether it is a coworker, friend, family member, or your spouse, the wounds of betrayal cut deep into our heart and soul. Often we allow anger and vengeance to act as the bandages to heal our afflictions. However, this type of treatment always leaves painfully deep, lasting scares. Since we are going to…experience betrayal, we must pursue a solution which ensures a healthy and holy recovery.

In his article “4 Must-Have Attitudes When BetrayedArtie Davis gives us a few medicinal thoughts which when followed will lead to a healthier life even in the midst of betrayal.

Mr. Davis writes:

If you do life and ministry long enough…

Someone will consider you an enemy

It doesn’t matter what you do, there will always be those who will get hurt and then turn against you, sometimes violently. Remember Jesus was perfect, and He was still betrayed and falsely accused.

So we being imperfect could expect nothing less!

How do you handle betrayal and being maligned? The answer to that question will reveal your true heart and will set a path for your future. I think we need to do our best to follow the example of Jesus…

1. Don’t be Defensive

The hardest thing to do…is nothing! When someone spreads lies about you and hurts you, you want to rise up and “tell the world” your side of the story. But, being defensive is pride.

Pride comes before a fall, so don’t give into the temptation and try to run down everything you hear, read or someone texts you. It’s a trap and you will never run them all down. It just fans the flame!

2. Know God is your Defender

You don’t need to defend yourself! God is your defender, and He is able to make what the enemy intended for harm, and turn it into good. We trust God for everything, including our reputation and what others believe or choose not to believe about us

3. Pray for the Offender

The temptation is to pray…but pray down “fire from heaven to consume them.” Ha, we can’t do that we must sincerely pray for their well being and future. God honors us when we “pray for those who despitefully use you.”

When you pray for the person(s) who are hell bent on destroying you, God comes to your side. Don’t worry…be happy!

4. Don’t get Bitter!

This is paramount! If you allow bitterness and hurt to grow, it will destroy you. Scripture says bitterness is like “rottenness to your bones.” In other words, it eats you away from the inside out. Forgive those who hurt you. Not for their sake but for you own.

The greatest thing you can do is to press forward with joy and passion.

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