I Am the Light of the World!

Most of us wouldn’t consider trying to feel our way through a strange building filled with danger. We would want a bright light to illuminate our path in order to make it through without harm. However, sometimes we don’t think about the danger and just try to make it on our own.  I remember a time when I was wandering in a dark building and almost took one step too many. If I had kept going I would have fallen down fifteen feet into a giant hole. Thankfully, an uneasy feeling prevented me from going any further without a flashlight. When I returned, I was able to make it safely around the hole and through the room without any bumps, bruises, or broken bones.

In John 8.12 Jesus cries out, “I am the light of the world!” Ok, He is the light, but what do we need His light for? Why should I trust His light? What is His light going to do for me? These are just some of the questions we will be answering on Sunday, March 25th as we continue our study on Jesus’ “I Am” statements.

Will you please join us tomorrow at Living Oaks Baptist Church as we worship together, and then learn a few lessons about how Jesus’ light can help us, protect us, guide us, and save us. Our worship service begins at 10:45 a.m. You can find direction to Living Oaks by visiting WWW.LOBC.NET.

What’s In It For Me?

If you do not attend church on a regular basis you’ve probably wondered what church has to offer. There are so many things in this world to enjoy, and cutting your weekend short for church just doesn’t seem right. You may even wonder about friends who get home early on Saturday night in order to get up and go to church on Sunday.

What is it about Christianity that would cause someone to want to give up part of their weekend and spend time with a bunch of people singing and listening to a preacher. Personally, I think that is a fair question. When you look at the church from the outside it appears to be nothing but rules to keep you from having fun. So, what is it that makes church so special that people would give their time, money, and their very life to their faith family?

Tomorrow at Living Oaks Baptist Church as we look at Acts 8.4-25 we will see some of the reasons people choose Christianity over their former life. I hope you will join us at 10:45 a.m. as we gather together to encourage one another in fellowship, worship, and study.

Power through Persecution

I have read some of the ways early Christians were persecuted. They were whipped, beheaded, flayed, stoned, crucified, dipped in oil and set on fire, fed to wild animals, imprisoned, and countless other acts of torture I cannot even begin to imagine. What depth of faith one must have to choose an agonizing death rather than recant their faith in Jesus as The Christ.

It is because of the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the first believers to strengthen their faith that Christianity was able to not only endure, but also to turn the entire world upside down. Over the last two thousand years the fires of Christian faith have consumed lives on every continent. It has established cities, countries, and nations. It has changed lives, marriages, and homes.  Even today, persecution fans the flames of faith into an inferno which melts the hardest of hearts.

This Sunday as we study Acts 8.1-3 we will see there is power in persecution. Will you please join us at Living Oaks Baptist Church Sunday at 10:45 a.m. as we worship Jesus and study His Word.

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A Killer Message!

I have been preaching God’s Word for over twenty years. I have preached all over the United States, Brazil, and London. I’ve preached messages that were meant to challenge, change, and convict those listening. Sometimes I have been soft-spoken, while other times I just cleared a spot and pitched a fit (that’s preacher talk for “I got loud!”). I try not to plan how I am going to preach, but I spend a great deal of time on what I am going to say. I want to make sure the message God has laid on my heart is what comes out of my mouth.  There is nothing worse than spending several hours preparing and then laying an egg on Sunday. My greatest desire is to be obedient to the task.

In Acts 6.8-7:60, we can read a killer sermon by Stephen, one of the first deacons.  I say “killer sermon” because after he had finished preaching, those listening took him outside and stoned him to death. They didn’t kill him because he was an inexperienced preacher, was too boring, didn’t use enough illustrations, or spoke too long. Nope, they killed him because he was right! Everything Stephen said was 100% correct, and they didn’t like it–so they literally killed the messenger!

This Sunday as we take a closer look at Stephen’s message, we will examine what he said, what caused such a reaction, and how this applies to us today.

I hope to see you at 10:45 a.m. this Sunday morning at Living Oaks Baptist Church.

Just the Right Tool

Graceway MediaHave you ever tried to find a substitute for a tool? You know, a butter knife instead of a screwdriver, a shoe instead of hammer, or a key instead of knife. No matter the outcome, it would have been better to use the right tool for the job.

In Acts 6:1-7 the disciples come to the realization they need another tool in order for the ministry of the church go on smoothly. They were aware of a specific problem, but rather than try to fix it themselves with the wrong tool they led the people to set up a few good men to make sure the problem was addressed. These were not just any group of seven men; each one had a specific gift which made them the right tool for the job.

Please join us this Sunday, January 22, at 10:45 a.m. as we examine the biblical call and purpose of deacons in the church. I hope to see you this week at Living Oaks Baptist Church.