I’m No Victim

A few weeks ago my  blog post was entitled, “Unconditional Love.” It was about Robertson McQuilkin caring for his dear wife Muriel who was stricken with Alzheimer’s. It is a beautiful story of unconditional love. A love that is not dependant on what you receive but on what you can give.

For Valentine’s Day I wanted to share another short story by Dr. McQuilkin about a very special Valentine’s Day he and Muriel shared. I hope this story reminds you of your love for that special someone God has placed in your life. I hope it moves you to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year. I hope it reminds you to cherish every healthy minute you have together. And I hope it reminds you of God’s unconditional love for you.

“I’m No Victim” by Robertson McQuilkin:

Valentine’s Day was always special at our house because that was the day in 1948 Muriel accepted my marriage proposal. On the eve of Valentine’s Day in 1995 I read a statement by some specialist that Alzheimer’s is the most cruel disease of all, but that the victim is actually the caregiver. I wondered why I never felt like a victim. That night I entered in my journal: “The reason I don’t feel like a victim is—I’m not!” When others urged me to call it quits, I responded, “Do you realize how lonely I would be without her?”

After I bathed Muriel on her bed that Valentine’s eve and kissed her good night (she still enjoys two things: good food and kissing!), I whispered a prayer over her: “Dear Jesus, you love sweet Muriel more than I, so please keep my beloved through the night; may she hear the angel choirs.”

The next morning I was peddling on my Exercycle at the foot of her bed and reminiscing about some of our happy lovers’ days long gone while Muriel slowly emerged from sleep. Finally, she popped awake and, as she often does, smiled at me. Then, for the first time in months she spoke, calling out to me in a voice clear as a crystal chime, “Love … love … love.” I jumped from my cycle and ran to embrace her. “Honey, you really do love me, don’t you?” Holding me with her eyes and patting my back, she responded with the only words she could find to say yes: “I’m nice,” she said.

Those may prove to be the last words she ever spoke.

Love is something we give away, and you will never know how much your spouse needs to hear you say those three little words, “I LOVE YOU!”

You can find the complete article on Christianity Today’s website.

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