Using The Model Prayer For A Specific Prayer Request  (Matt. 6:9-13 Sermon)

If you are looking for some godly advice on how to improve your prayer life, you will enjoy this post by Shawn Thomas. Shawn uses the Model Prayer from Matthew 6.9-13 as a guide on how to pray.
I have known Shawn for several years, and he has greatly blessed my life. If you take the time to read and follow his Biblical teaching on this subject, you too will be blessed!


(Preaached at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Wed. p.m.  6-03-15)

If you have ever prayed very long (months or years) for a special prayer request, you know that it can be easy to fall into a “rut” in the way that you pray. You can end up just saying the same things to God over and over, and it can become like the “meaningless repetition” that Jesus talked about in Matthew 6:7. So what can you do to get out of that “rut” in your prayers? 

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