Do you have someone in your life you cannot imagine living without? Maybe a parent, spouse, close friend, teacher, or even a mentor. This person is important because they help keep you balanced as a person. They listen to what you are saying, they lead you in the right direction, and they set a great example for you to follow. We come into contact with many different people every day; however, there are few people who have such a significant influence in our life.

It is comforting to have an indispensable person in your life; however, have you ever wondered if you are an indispensable person in someone else’s life? Are you pouring yourself into someone else? Are you someone others can depend on? Are you helping raise up the next generation of Christians leaders? We were never meant to spend all our lives being led around like a child. There comes a time when we must step up, take the lead, and begin to develop disciples for the kingdom of God.

In Acts 9.36-43, we see the story of Tabitha, who was an indispensable Christian saint. Her life is a great example to follow if we are to live an indispensable life.

Please click the following link to play or download yesterday’s sermon, “Indispensable.”

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