Bullets or Seeds

It would seem that in our day people no longer talk to each other when they have differing views. No, today they yell, criticize, mock, undermine, and sometimes even lie about each other. It is ridiculous the way people treat each other. I blame talk radio and presidential campaigns for setting the standard of how to treat those who are different.

I have met a lot of unchurched people who feel the same way about most Christians. They have been verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused by some supposed follower of Christ who thinks the easiest way to get someone into heaven is to berate them. I believe we need to explain what the Bible says about sin, I believe we need to share the dire results of never coming to Jesus, but I believe we should do it with a heart of love. When we go out it is to rescue the perishing not try to browbeat them into submission.

Richard C. Halverson, former Chaplain of the United States Senate, shared a simple illustration which highlights this point called “Bullets or Seeds”:

You can offer your ideas to others as bullets or seeds. You can shoot them, or sow them; hit people in the head with them, or plant them in their hearts.

Ideas used as bullets will kill inspiration and neutralize motivation. Used as seeds, they take root, grow, and become reality in the life in which they are planted.

The only risk in the seed approach: Once it grows and becomes part of those in whom it’s planted, you probably will get no credit for originating the idea. But if you’re willing to do without the credit…you’ll reap a rich harvest.

How about we put our verbal weapons down, go out and plant some seeds, and then see what kind of difference we can actually make in this world?

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