What Abortion?

Tullian Tchividjian is the grandson of Billy Graham.  Over the last few months I have read several of his blogs that have touched my heart.  I hope you enjoy this link to his article, “What Abortion?”  It is a wonderful reminder about God’s amazing grace!

“What Abortion?” by Tullian Tchividjian (click here)

2 thoughts on “What Abortion?

  1. ted, i have to agree. it is really hard this go auornd to find a candidate who’s values i can agree with. i understand that a vote for someone is aways a vote against something you believe in, but sheesh.you think there would be more options, on both sides. but we have to remember that most candidates come from a different era, mindset and worldview then many of us in this generation. maybe not, but it is just an observation/opinion.what they think is important to us, on either side, may not actually be what is important to us. it’s not that they are missing the mark so to speak, but maybe there are too many marks to aim for anymore. lol. i dont know.

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