What Are You Excited About?

For those that are unaware, my son is seven years old and in the second grade.  He is a huge fan of the movies “Cars” and “Cars 2.”  As soon as he gets out of school today, he is going to buy a copy of the DVD “Cars 2.”  He has been marking days off the calendar, counting down to the release of the DVD.  He found out that some of his friends had not seen the movie, so he is going to have them over to watch it with him.

Now, having several seven-year-old boys at my house to watch a movie really isn’t that big of a deal; however, William decided they all need to stay the night.  He and mom have planned out the whole evening: make homemade pizzas, play games out in the backyard, and then the main event–WATCH THE MOVIE!  He is so excited about his friends getting to see his favorite movie.  I keep waiting for him to ask me if we can buy a copy for everyone that will be attending (at last count there are a total of eight boys from ages five to seven).

It is energizing to see his excitement to share something so important to him with his friends.  It is also a bit convicting when I compare it to my lack of communicating to my friends, family, or acquaintances those things which are so important to me.  What would happen if I spent as much time telling others of what is the most important thing in my life.  What if I invited them over to watch a movie that changed my life?  What if I bought them a copy of my favorite book? What if I told them the story of a man who saved my life? What would happen if I was as excited about Jesus as my son is about the movie “Cars 2?”

I am a pastor, and I spend a great deal of time studying, sharing, and imitating Jesus; however, I often wonder is this a job or a passion?  I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.  I love standing before people on Sundays and sharing from the overflow of what Jesus has taught me that week from the Bible.  I enjoying sitting down with someone and listening to their trials, troubles, and tribulations in order to help them find the right direction or just give them a comforting word from God’s Word.  I am thrilled to go door-to-door sharing the good news of Jesus with those who will listen.  I enjoy using the resources God has given me to help others in need.  Never-the-less, I never want people to get the impression that I am only doing this because it is my job.

Over the last few months I have been addressing this concern, to make sure that I am preaching, teaching, praying, sharing, and ministering from a heart that is overflowing with a love for Jesus–a heart that cannot wait to tell others of what Jesus has done in my life today.  A heart that wants everyone to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus!  A heart consumed with the belief that there is no other away to the Father in heaven but by Jesus (the Jesus of the Holy Bible).  I want my excitement to be seen and heard.

3 thoughts on “What Are You Excited About?

  1. What a great message!! I know I fall way short of being excited about the things I should be and about telling others about my Savior, Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Living God.

    Thanks for reminding me, Pastor.

    Sharon R.

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