God and the “Age of Accountability”

Recently, I was visiting with a few parents of infants and smaller children about the topic “Age of Accountability.”  For obvious reasons they were concerned about where their little ones would go should the unspeakable happen.  As  parent of a seven-year-old, I have spent a great deal of time in the Bible looking for answers.

I firmly believe that any answer to this question must start with God.  The Bible makes it clear, God is love and desires that all people be saved (admit their sin, believe Jesus died and rose again for their forgiveness, and commit their lives to Him).  A God who goes to such great lengths to make a way to save all who will believe would have made a way for those who die before birth or at an early age to know Him.

In the following video John Piper does a wonderful job of explaining His Scriptural view of the Age of Accountability.  By no means does this excuse us as parents from teaching our children to commit their lives to Jesus and live for Him, but it does help us knowing that God cares for the little children, and they are under His watch-care.  Let me know how you enjoyed the video.


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