Will You Be a Courageous Dad?

This weekend I saw the movie “Courageous.”  It was a fantastic movie with plenty of action as well as a great message.  I am thankful for the folks at Sherwood Pictures and their commitment to God-honoring entertainment.

What we need today are men that are willing to be courageous fathers.  Men who will live what is right and not just tell their kids to do what is right.  Men that will lead their family in reading the Bible instead of telling their family that it is the “good book.” We need men who will be a replica of their loving Father in heaven for their families.  We need men who will take their kids to church, tell them about Jesus, and show them it is better to give than receive.  What we need today are a bunch of Courageous DADS!  Will you stand?  Will you declare, “I AM A COURAGEOUS DAD!”

1 thought on “Will You Be a Courageous Dad?

  1. You are a courageous dad!! I’m so very proud. William is so blessed to have you for a daddy:)

    Love you much! Shirley

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